Wine World Colouring Book – Zelda Sydney

I must admit that I’ve not quite got swept up in the new fad of adult colouring books, although I have indulged in a couple and admit that there is something therapeutic about sitting down and forgetting you are an adult for a while with a bunch of coloured pencils. In saying that however, “colouring in” isn’t necessarily a restful exercise if you happen to be a perfectionist – you have no idea how stressful it can be choosing the right colour and making certain you never go out of the lines!!!

So, given that I do enjoy relaxing with a glass or two of wine, when the opportunity came to combine my love of drinking wine with a colouring book on wine, I had to give it ago. Zelda Sydney’s Wine World Colouring Book ticks all my boxes. The illustrations are so easy to colour, (the paper is great with artists and watercolour pencils), and each page is uniquely informative and creatively inspiring.

As Zelda says: “Wine pairs perfectly with meditative colouring. In fact, wine has been a part of human ritual throughout history. Our minds can wander along any of the wine world’s many paths. These illustrations touch on wine. history, geography, geology, and agriculture… all the things of our world.”

So, if you have that wine friend who is impossible to buy for, or you just a have a wine friend who you want to spoil, grab a copy of the Wine World Colouring Book (one for them and one for you of course), a box of coloured pencils, add a bottle of wine and enjoy…..

I am – thanks heaps Zelda and I’m looking forward to the next edition!!





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