Choosing a wine glass


A little quote from Arrigo Cipriani of Harry’s Bar, Venice on choosing a wine glass….

“As for the shape and colour of the glasses, they deserve a whole treatise to themselves. Two years ago I remember seeing some small glass amphorae at the Museum of Gallo-Roman Civilization in Lyons, France. Their exquisite lightness, which complemented their very pale blue colour, made me breathless. Seeing them, I was confirmed in my belief that in matters of taste, there is nothing new under the sun, even though industry has progressed all these years. To hold in one’s hand one of the slender octagonal glasses that were blown by the masters of Murano is always a thrilling experience, and to drink from it offers s moment of ecstasy.

In choosing a glass, balance is paramount, followed by colour, which must be transparent. In order to be appreciated in all its spheric essence, wine must be looked at naked, like a beautiful woman. Then comes the rim, which must be as thin as possible… I do not like excesses in the size of a glass, since most often this is only a matter of showing off the virtuosity of the glassblower, and the shape must always be round. All the different shapes, colours, and artistic etchings that can be found in glasses undoubtedly reach remarkable formal effects, but in my opinion such glasses are not suitable for daily use.”


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