The Mediterranean – An Introductory First Blog

The Mediterranean Sea, sometimes referred to as ‘the Great Sea’ or the Middle Sea’ is bordered by 22 countries, historically bound together by trade, religion, invasion, conquest, patronage, and food. The beauty and romance of the Mediterranean has drawn people for centuries, epitomised by the Grand Tour, Brideshead Revisited and the like. Whether it be the Acropolis in Athens, the ruins of Rome, the old town of Dubrovnik, the majesty of the sunset on Santorini, the labyrinth of the streets of Venice, the romance of Harry’s Bar, the glory of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the picturesque beauty of Provence or the rugged splendour of Crete – all draw people back time and again, hungry for just something more, something hidden, some sight of the mysterious past. My husband Chris and I have sailed the Mediterranean. We have seen glorious sunrises and sunsets, enjoyed simple flavoursome home cooked meals in restaurants where the only item on the menu was the family meal, stood in awe of ancient frescos, drank wonderful local wine with some truly memorable locals, been told stories and more.

But my blog is more than this – it is my way of looking back into the history of food, of wine, of how patronage influenced food production, art and music. If anything, it is a kaleidoscope for nothing you see or read here will be expected and it will constantly change.


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