Baccarat Stainless Steel Tagine

I have many tagines in my kitchen as I love to cook middle eastern food. A tagine is so versatile and inevitably when placed in the middle of the table for a meal with family or friends, the instantaneous smiles of delight when the lid is lifted are worth the time and effort of preparing the meal.

Recently I purchased a Baccarat Stainless Steel Tagine and it has very quickly become one of my favourite cooking utensils. The tagine is large at 28cm and with the addition of a tempered glass lid, it is incredibly versatile. It is suitable for all cooktops ( I have an induction and it works perfectly), is oven and dishwasher safe, and importantly has stay cool stainless steel riveted handles. It has a heavy impact bonded base construction and the satin interior of the pan makes for easy cleaning.

The Black ceramic conical tagine lid is classy and turns this versatile tagine into a real statement piece, elegant on any dinner table.

I recently prepared a Lamb Shank with Prunes Tagine for 6 using this. The ability to quickly brown the shanks in the pan before cooking and then use the juices remaining as part of the sauce made preparation simple and the final result delicious. It’s size easily catered for the bulk of the shanks. I have also used the pan with the glass lid to prepare risotto, and it also makes the perfect preparation and serving dish for spaghetti.

If you are looking for a non-traditional tagine, then have a look at the Baccarat Stainless Steel Tagine. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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