Venezia – food and dreams – Tessa Kiros

I’m an unabashed fan of Tessa Kiros’ cookbooks all of which are within easy reach in my library. If you haven’t discovered her, then you must and to assist you with an initial choice I decided I would share her glorious cookbook Venezia – food & dreams (published by Murdoch Books, 2008).

If you have ever been to Venice and taken the time to wander the streets you will understand when Tessa writes that you cannot really tell anyone about Venice – you must go and see it for yourself. She opens her cookbook with an evocative letter about the beauty and uniqueness of Venice then tantalizes with a hint of the food that will follow – risottos, pasta, seafood and simple dressings. To gain an insight into this book, read this letter before you savour the book.

The book is divided into eight main chapters covering essential recipes (including a Bellini & Rossini), Cicchetti (small bites), Antipasti (a favourite chapter of mine), Zuppa/pasta/gnocchi, Risotto, Secondi, Contorni (sides), and Dolci (sweet things). Her risotto recipes are to die for – I especially love her Risi e bisi (Doge’s risotto), while her Castraure in Padella (Tiny whole artichokes) makes my mouth water even now.

The look of the book is as sumptuous as her recipes, with its gold edging and extraordinary photography by Manos Chatzikonstantis.

Do yourself an enormous favor and buy a copy today – in fact buy two, and give one away to a dear friend. Every time I pick this cookbook up I smile, why, well perhaps it is best summed up in her words…. “Venice is like when you hear a piece of music that scoops down into your soul, or notice a real tear getting ready to drop down from the eye of an unlucky child. One of those rare moments when you grasp the magnificence of this world. Yes, Venice is one of those moments.”

This is Venice in your hands – indulge and enjoy!!!


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