A statue of Pinocchio in Milan


In the Corso Indipendenza gardens, just next to the playground you will find a rather sad but very touching statue of Pinocchio, transformed into a little boy.

Unveiled on 19 May, 1956, this statue was designed to be an intriguing delight for children playing in the gardens. It was donated by the Milanese arts association Famiglio Artisica and was created by Attilo Fagioli, a sculptor who came from the birthplace of Pinocchio’s creator, Carlo Collodi. The work shows Pinocchio as the little boy, looking down, as if with delight, at what he once was – a puppet lying on the ground. 

The man behind the project was the poet, Antonio Negri, who supplied an inscription that spells out the educational aims of this work: “How funny I was when I was a puppet. Are you reading this, are you sure you have overcome the puppet that lives in you?” In fact, the  statue was meant as  symbolic transition from childhood to maturity.

Regardless of what you think the real intention of the statue was, you will be saddened that the fountain no longer works and is corroded, that someone has removed the cat from the group and that part of Pinocchio’s nose has been broken off. For someone who grew up with the story of Pinocchio, it is sad to see this statue almost abandoned and ignored. One wonders whether any children who play in this park are aware of the story of Pinocchio, but perhaps the story is no longer important??



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