Some thoughts on art, food and wine by Anne Zahalka


Here is a piece taken from the wonderful book “The Artist’s Lunch” by Alice McCormack and Sarah Rhodes on the thoughts of Anne Zahalka on an artist’s lunch.

Read slowly and immerse in the imagery……


“If I were to develop an idea around the artist’s lunch myself, I would probably take something from one of the banquets represented in Peter Greenaway’s The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, an incredibly lavish but disturbing affair. The scene would be rich and sumptuous. A table draped with heavy-flowing cloth- probably deep red velvet – tumbling to the floor. There would be an abundance of food, or rather, the remains of what was left: grapes spilling out of baskets, broken bread loafs, cheese of every variety, quince paste, figs cut open, and wine goblets of varying shapes and sizes, with several knocked over and lying over deep patches of red-stained cloth…White napkins crushed between plates and cutlery marked with remnants of the meal. A large vase of black tulips placed in the centre of the table. The dismembered carcasses of two large ducks scattered on silver serving platters, slices of dumplings, and a serving bowl, its lid resting to one side, with red cabbage sprinkled with caraway seeds.” 


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