Some thoughts….

I have spent quite a bit of time over the last few days thinking through my blog and facebook page, and I have bombarded my patient husband with random ideas and he has tolerated and been supportive of my out of the box thoughts.

This experience has really been and is quite extraordinary. I love to write and have done an large amount during my professional academic career, but this is just so different. This blog and the facebook page are allowing me to tap into a different love of creativity and writing – blending food, photography, prose, poetry, wine and history all into a new medium of communication.

I look at things differently now – the rain drops on a leaf, the colours of flowers, the movement of clouds – all with a new wonderment that I’ve not had before. I awake each morning excited by what the day will bring and end each night tired but content that I have created something and that my day has been filled with beautiful things and new knowledge. I know I am very lucky to be able to do this and I trust I can bring something of value to someone else along the way.

To those who have shared the first part of this journey with me – you have been wonderful. Your friendship and encouragement are the basis of what I am doing and your are special.

I am happy and it is a good life.



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